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1. Book and drop off your bike

Email us with an intro to your bike, any issues and the type of service you think it will need. We'll organise a time for you to leave your bike with us.

2. Assess and estimate

Before carrying out any work, we'll assess your bike, advise on the right level of service and give you an estimate. The scope of work is based on the condition of your bike and we'll try to tailor the service to your needs and budget (as long as safety and good working practices aren't compromised). Our estimates are free of charge and we aim to do this within 1-2 working days.

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3. Service

We'll carry out the agreed service and keep you in the loop on timings. The timescale depends on the availability of parts and if we need to order anything in.

4. Collect

We'll let you know when you're bike is ready to collect. We're a small shop so we kindly ask that you try and collect your bike swiftly (plus we want you to be riding it!)

A quick note on bringing your own parts

We normally supply the parts for our work. Therefore, in some cases, we reserve the right to add a surcharge on parts provided by customers.

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